Mind never forgets.
Mind never lies.
People do.


A dystopian detective game with non-linear story


True detective story

The Communists had won the Cold War and brought the totalitarian regime to once democtratic soil. Both American mentality and ideology are now under absolute control.


Welcome to Seattle - the Red Jewel of the United States. A sprawling metropolis bathed in neon lights, where everyone lives in unity - at least according to the authorities. The true face of this bastion of communism is much more darker and dangerous than the Party would like to admit, and it is your job to deal with it.

COLDRED / Innovations

The gameplay is modified by the dialog choices in key moments of the game.


Active conversation - you decide whether to react or not, all without stopping the gameplay.

Explore the dreams - you can hack into other people’s dreams as a master with your unique gift.

Dual gameplay - player controls the actions of the apprentice in the present, and learns about the past through the retrospections. 

COLDRED / Innovations

Stage lighting building the atmosphere of the city / location.

Main goal

The main goal is to solve the mystery of the death of the mentor and friend of main character.

COLDRED / Innovations

Innovative camera work.    

Production TEAM

BADBONES is a develpment team constructed of highly trained proffesionals well established in game development business. Co-creators of Symmetry Game or recently published REPRESSED. 

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Darek Łeczycki


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Daniel Hałat

Lead game designer


Artur Szymala

Story and dialogues 


Jakub Cikala

Art and level design


Wiktoria Goc

Concept ad 3D design


Dawid Wolski

Story and dialogues


Łukasz Gorny



COLDRED / Innovations

Animation of the character referring to its climate to the animated films of the '70s.

Economics / Distribution


Games: Inside, Oxenfree, Telltale games, The Last Night

TV series: Altered Carbon, Ozark, The Men in the High Castle.

Movies: Blade Runner, Anon, Ghost in the shell.

Artists: James Turell, Olafur Eliasson, Dan Flavin, Bruce Nauman.

Architcture: Brutalist architecture (Soviet Union), Neoncity Katowice,
Postmodernism (USA)

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